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John Tomczak

Westchester Middle School
8th Grade Algebra/Geometry Teacher
I've been a math teacher since 2002. Taught at the middle, high school, and community college levels. I'm a mid-life career changer who came to teaching after careers on electrical engineering and software development. I believe this gives me a unique perspective on education and how to can contribute to its betterment. I'm hard wired to solve problems especially through the use of technology. In my presentation I will share with you how I've "thrown away the book", so to speak, when it comes to teaching math. My system, called "Math's Best Friend", allows my students to master topics in a competitively friendly environment. My program supports do-overs for students that need extra practice and accelerated paths for those that don't. Most importantly, it frees me to spend more time helping my students since I don't have to spend any time creating, passing, collecting, scoring, and returning assignments. My Google cloud based assignment method takes care of all student assessments. Math's Best Friend is the ultimate teacher time saver and the reason I'm able to work smarter my students.

My Presenters Sessions

Saturday, January 31

10:05am CST